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It's almost impossible to predict if something will become viral, so it's always an incredible surprise and extremely good when it happens. Having some kind of content that is popular and talked about on social media sites is a highly coveted event in the life of a marketer. Practically all marketers associate viral traffic with huge quantities of, usually, short lived traffic. Yet - there is no precise formula to create this kind of traffic every single time. The basic rule of thumb is to get a reaction from people, either good or bad, using content. Once in a while some obscure product, or service, appears from nowhere and goes viral. Have you ever thought, or dreamed, how you can achieve viral traffic? Well, we'd like to share some ideas with you that could help your content become a viral traffic phenom.

When you produce content, always assign tags to it when you put it out on the net. And try not to think that tags are just tools for blogs. You can add meta tags to every web page you create. Your tags direct social sites and search engines on how to categorize your pages, and that will make it easier for people to find them. It's not hard, and the pay-off will be more popularity, traffic, and possibly rankings for your pages. So if your rankings improve, then you'll become more visible and possibly go viral.

Forget completely about trying to force this through advertising. Readers and viewers can spot an advertisement from miles away. It is incredibly rare that content meant to sell something goes viral. While you may find your product become much more popular, for some reason, there's almost always some other reason for that to happen.

It's best to stay away from heavily promoting a product, instead let others know about your self. You won't get much attention if people think it's just a scheme to make sales - if you're trying to become viral. You already have marketing/advertising and selling devices on your website, so just let them do that job.

Let people share with others the new product that you gave them for free. Interest potential subscribers by creating a free newsletter that has a 'share with a friend' button at the end of it. Make sure your best content is put on the front page of your blog at no charge. Offer an hour of your services or a free product in a coupon giveaway. This will get people's attention and if you allow them to print more than one coupon to share with friends you could be bringing in a log of new clients and customers.

In a lot of ways creating content that goes viral is more about simply creating good content than it is about grabbing attention. Obviously, you cannot achieve that with every piece of content you produce. You never know what will happen, so it's really a good idea to try using these tips and see what happens.

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